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Chandler Estates Garage Sale Extravaganza

Chandler Estates Garage Sale Extravaganza #10 - an Annual Event by ToddRiley.com!


Map of Homes Particpating - Click HERE


Please Email me (Todd@ToddRiley.com) to have your home included in the Garage Sale Extravaganza.

When:  March 19, 2016

Time:   8:00 am - 12:00 pm



What's Included:

You do your Garage Sale at your home.  I do the following:

Provide you with a Sign for your Front Yard.  Place Signage on Major Streets guiding traffic to the Garage Sale Extravaganza.  Place ads in the Los Angeles Times (online and in print), Recycler (online) and Craigslist.org, and other local Garage Sale Portals.  I distribute Maps of Houses taking part in the garage sale Extravaganza the day of the event at 13900 Albers St. Maps will also be available via download on this website.  Map of Homes Particpating - Click HERE

The Four Grids Participating this year:

Email or call me to have your home included in the Garage Sale Extravaganza.  Todd@ToddRiley.com 818.538.6331 Deadline for Signing Up is 3/16 Wednesday.

Sponsored by: 

Your Neighbor on Albers in the Chandler Estates Area

Map of Homes Particpating - Click HERE

Current Homes Participating:

13900 Albers St

13922 Albers St

13415 Albers St

5427 Buffalo Ave 

5355 Buffalo Avenue. 

5501 Cantaloupe 

13424 Chandler Blvd

13655 Chandler Blvd  

5437 Costello 

13413 Cumpston St.

13455 Cumpston St

13720 Cumpston St

13928 Cumpston St 

13932 Cumpston 

13838 Cumpston St

13858 Cumpston St

5525 Mammoth Ave

13415 Margate St 

5509 Matilija 

5442 Matilija Avenue 

5507 Ranchito 

5518 Ranchito 

5523 Ranchito

5249 Ventura Canyon Ave 

5416 Ventura Canyon Ave

5524 Ventura Canyon Ave

13033 Weddington St 

13436 Weddington St



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